Gurl you stank, take a bath.
Gurl you stank, take a bath.

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I'm Cristian.
I Like a lot of things. Except the sound of someone chewing in a quiet room.
Dumb Cristian

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my life

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isaacdear said: if ever you do decide to go "fuck it" and put on some polish, don't go with red. i once wore red nail polish and since i wasn't used to wearing polish at all, i kept seeing the red out of the corner of my eye and thinking "oh fuck! when did i start bleeding?"

DANG, that does sound annoying lmao

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Literally, the only person i feel uncomfortable talking about gay stuff with is my mom. Everyone else , im fine with.

Aww I’m sorry. I can kinda relate. My mom knows I’ve dated a girl before and she didn’t seem to thrilled about it. But she didn’t do anything bad about it either.

it’s relieving but still sucks cuz ur just like “they know” but you feel like it’s a touchy subject so you dont talk about gay shit. (or atleast, that’s how it is for me. My siblings are cool with it and they honestly dont care)

I remembered one time My ex gave me a hickey and i tried my hardest to hide it and she fuckin saw it, and the way she let me know was when she was on her way out, she passed me and said “I don’t like what’s on yoru neck” and continued walking and I was SOOOO embarrassed OH MY GOD LOL

helladutchess said: Does your mom know that you're gay?

Yeah, i came out a few years ago and it’s a weird subject to talk about with her. Like she just looks uncomfortable when i get anything feminine but lately she doesn’t seem as bothered by it. PLUS at the most she just makes the same comment of staring at it and saying “oh no, i don’t like that at all” but she won’t do anything.¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (it just kinda stings my feelings sometimes cuz it’s my mom)

i think the idea of putting on nail polish is pretty rad

i wanna do it but i really dont wanna hear my mom making comments

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